Language Dependent Formatting of Amount and Currency

To format a currency amount with decimals according to the currency use WRITE and the CURRENCY option.

Currency keys an d numbers of decimals are defined in table TCURX Decimal Places in Currencies.

Example 1: Formatting an amount in Kuwatian Dinars:

Dmbtr = 123456.
Write dmbtr currency 'KUD'


Write dmbtr currency 'USD'


Note that the formatting does not depend on the number of decimals in the number in the program.

Dmbtr = '12.3456'.

Write dmbtr currency 'USD'


To format the decimal and thousand sepearators according to the settings for a specific country, use the statement SET COUNTRY <country key>

Settings for countries are defined in table T005 Countries.

The country key used in the statement is field LAND1


set country 'US'


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