Transaction codes

Traces and Logs
Idoc / Rfc / Communication

Note that all transaction codes can be found in table TSTCT



S001 Abap Workbench
SE16 Data browser
SE24 Class builder
SE30 ABAP Runtime analyzes
SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules Maintenance
SE37 Function builder
SE38 ABAP/4 Editor
SE48 Call hierarchy
SE49 Program analysis: Table Manipulation
SM30 Maintain tabel views
SE54 Generate Table Maintenance Dialog: Initial table/View Screen
SE55 Generate Table Maintenance Dialog: generation Environment
SE91 Message Classes
SE93 Maintain transaction
AL11 SAP Directories
SCC1 Copy objects in transport request between clients


Traces and Logs

SE30 Runtime analysis
SLG1 View application log
SLG2 Delete application log
SM12 Table lock Entries - Also program locks
SM21 System log  for viewing dumps
SM50 Process Overview
ST05 SQL Trace
ST07 Application monitor
ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis




STMS Transport management system
SE09 Workbenche organizer (Transports
SCC1 Client copy of transport requests





SM36 Define background jobs
SM37 View background jobs


SM04 User overview ( Possible to end sessions)
SU53 Display Authorization Values for User

Idoc / Rfc / ALE Communication

SM58 Transactional RFC - Log
SM59 Maintain RFC Destinations
WE20 Partner Profiles
WE21 Ports in Idoc Processing
SALE IMG for ALE configuration
WEDI Menu for Idoc configuration
BD21 Create IDOCs from change documents
BD50 Activate Change Ptrs for Mess. Type
BD54 Maintaining Logical Systems
BD61 Activate Change Pointers - Generally
BD64 Change Distribution Model



MM01, MM02, MM03 Material master - Crate, Change and Display material





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