FI Tables

AGKO Cleared Accounts
ANAR Asset Types
ANAT Asset type text
ANEK Document Header Asset Posting
ANEP Asset Line Items
ANEV Asset downpymt settlement
ANKT Asset classes- Description
ANLA Asset Master Record Segment
ANLB Depreciation terms
ANLC Asset Value Fields
ANLH Main asset number
AT02T Transaction Activity Category- Description
AT02A Transaction Code for Menu TIMN
AT10 Transaction type
AT10T Name of Transaction Type
BKDF Document Header Supplement for Recurring Entry
BKORM Accounting Correspondence Requests
BKPF Accounting Document Header
BLPK Document log header
BLPP Document log item
BLPR Document Log Index and Planned Order (Backflush)
BNKA Bank master record
BP000 Business Partner Master (General Data)
BPBK Doc.Header Controlling Obj.
BPEG Line Item Total Values Controlling Obj.
BPEJ Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.
BPEP Line Item Period Values Controlling Obj.
BPGE Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj.
BPJA Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj.
BSAD Accounting- Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSAK Accounting- Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAS Accounting- Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSEC One-Time Account Data Document Segment
BSEG Accounting Document Segment
BSID Accounting- Secondary Index for Customers
BSIK Accounting- Secondary Index for Vendors
BSIM Secondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIS Accounting- Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
CEPC Profit Center Master Data Table
CEPCT Texts for Profit Center Master Data
COBRA Settlement Rule for Order Settlement
COBRB Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement
COKA CO Object- Control Data for Cost Elements
COSP CO Object- Cost Totals for External Postings
COSS CO Object- Cost Totals for Internal Postings
CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
CSKA Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)
CSKB Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
CSLA Activity master
FEBEP Electronic Bank Statement Line Items
FPLA Billing Plan
FPLT Billing Plan- Dates
GLPCT EC-PCA- Totals Table
KNA1 General Data in Customer Master
KOMK Pricing Communication Header
MAHNV Management Records for the Dunning Program
REGUT TemSe - Administration Data
SKA1 G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
SKAT G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts- Description)
SKB1 G/L account master (company code)
T003T Document Type Texts
T007S Tax Code Names
T087J Text
TAPRFT Text tab. for investment profile
TKA01 Controlling Areas
TKA09 Basic Settings for Versions
TKVS CO Versions
TZB0T Flow types text table
TZPAT Financial Assets Management product type texts
VBSEGS Document Segment for G/L Accounts Document Parking
VTBFHA Transaction
VTBFHAPO Transaction Flow
VTBFHAZU Transaction Activity
VTBFINKO Transaction Condition
VTIDERI Master Data Listed Options and Futures
VTIFHA Underlying transaction
VTIFHAPO Underlying transaction flows
VTIFHAZU Underlying transaction status table
VTIOF Options Additional Data
VWPANLA Asset master for securities
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