HR Transaction codes


P1B1 Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B2 Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B3 Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B4 Transfer table T588Z, infotype 4000

P1B5 Transfer opt. archive for applicant
P1B6 Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B7 Conversion T750B
P1OA Transfer Settings for Opt.Archiving
P201 Transfer T514D/V from Client 000
P2W1 Transfer Incentive Wage Accounting
P2W2 Copy Incentive Wage Forms
P4SW Release notes BWP
P5P1 Addition of IT0122 to T588B
P5P2 Delete entries in T588B
PA00 Initial PA Master Data Menu
PA03 Maintain Personnel Control Record
PA04 Maintain HRNumberRanges
PA05 NumberRangeMaintenance: RP_COIFT
PA06 NumberRangeMaintenance: PD_SEQ_NR
PA07 Maintain NumberRange: RP_GARNEM
PA08 Maintain NumberRange: RP_GARNSUB

PA10 Personnel File

PA20 Display HR Master Data

PA30 Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 Personnel Actions
PA41 Correct Actions
PA42 Fast Entry for Actions
PA46 Import from Resumix
PA47 Export to Resumix
PA48 Hiring from non-SAP system
PA51 Display Time Data
PA53 Display Time Data
PA61 Maintain Time Data
PA62 List Entry of Additional Data
PA63 Maintain Time Data
PA64 Calendar Entry
PA70 Fast Entry
PA71 Fast Entry of Time Data
PA88 Benefits
PA97 Matrix Maintenance
PA98 Compensation Administration
PA99 Compensation Admin. - Release Report
PAAH Call Ad-Hoc Query
PACA HR-CH: PF administration
PACB HR-CH: PF account maintenance
PACC HR-CH: PF calculator
PACE HR-CH: Pension fund : Postings
PACK HR-CH: Pension fund
PACN Number range maint: HRCHPKONTO
PACP HR-CH: Pension fund, interface
PACT PC parameter maintenance
PAJP Call reporting tree - Japan
PAL1 Create Sales Representative
PAL2 Display Sales Representative
PAL3 Maintain Sales Representative
PAL4 Create Buyer
PAL5 Maintain Buyer
PAL6 Display Buyer
PAR1 Flexible employee data
PAR2 Employee list
PAT1 Personnel Administration infosystem
PAW1 Who is who
PB00 Recruitment
PB04 NumberRangeMaintenance: RP_PAPL
PB10 Init.entry of applicant master data
PB20 Display applicant master data
PB30 Maintain applicant master data
PB40 Applicant actions
PB50 Display Applicant Activities
PB60 Maintain Applicant Activities
PB80 Evaluate vacancies
PBA0 Evaluate advertisements
PBA1 Applicant index
PBA2 List of applications
PBA3 Applicant vacancy assignment list
PBA4 Receipt of application
PBA5 Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA6 Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA7 Recurring tasks: Data transfer
PBA8 Recurring tasks: Transfer data
PBA9 List of planned actions
PBAA Evaluate recruitment instrument
PBAB Maintain vacancy assignments
PBAC Applicant statistics
PBAD Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBAE Applicant pool
PBAF Vacancy assignment list
PBAG Screening
PBAH Decision
PBAI All applicants via qualifications
PBAJ Recruitment info system
PBAK Recurring Tasks: Print Labels
PBAL Bulk processing
PBAM Variable Applicant List
PBAN Ad Hoc Query
PBAP Internal Applicants Via Quals
PBAQ External Applicants Via Quals
PBAT Choose SAPscript or WinWord
PBAU Maintain T750C
PBAV Display T750C
PBAW Maintain T750B
PBAX Display T750B
PBAY Maintain T750X
PBAZ Display T750X
PBCX Cust. Account Assign. Reference (MM)
PBCY Cust. Account Assign. Reference (FX)
PBCZ Cust. Account Assign. Reference (DE)
PBW1 CareerCenter
PBW2 Career Center: Status tracking
PBWW Customizing standard text in WinWord
PC00 Menu for HR Payroll
PC01 Payroll Menu: Germany
PC02 Payroll Menu: Switzerland
PC03 Payroll Menu: Austria
PC04 Payroll Menu: Spain
PC05 Payroll Menu: Netherlands
PC06 Payroll Menu: France
PC07 Payroll menu Canada
PC08 Payroll Menu: Great Britain
PC09 Payroll Menu: Denmark
PC10 Payroll Menu: USA
PC12 Payroll Menu: Belgium
PC14 Payroll Menu: USA
PC16 Payroll Menu: South Africa
PC1A HR Menu: Payroll for Austria
PC1B Payroll Menu: Belgium
PC1C Menu for HR Payroll Switzerland
PC1D HR Menu: Payroll for Germany
PC1E HR Menu: Payroll for Spain
PC1F HR Menu: Payroll for France
PC1G HR Menu: Payroll for Great Britain
PC1J HR menu : Payroll for Japan
PC1K HR Payroll Menu for Canada
PC1M HR payroll menu Denmark
PC1N HR NL: Payroll Menu
PC1Q HR Payroll Menu - Australia
PC1R HR-SG: Payroll Menu per periods
PC1S Menu for HR Payroll Sweden
PC1T HR Payroll Menu for CzechRepublic
PC1U HR Payroll Menu for USA
PC1W Payroll Menu: South Africa
PC1X Payroll Menu: International Version
PC22 Payroll Menu: Japan
PC23 Payroll Menu: Sweden
PC25 Payroll Menu: Singapore
PC2A New Payroll Menu
PC2B Payroll Menu Yearly
PC2C Menu for HR Payroll Annual Switz.
PC2D New Payroll Menu
PC2E New Payroll Menu
PC2F Annual Payroll Menu (F)
PC2G HR Menu: Payroll for Great Britain
PC2J HR menu : Payroll for Japan
PC2K New Payroll Menu (Canada)
PC2M HR-DK: Annual payroll activities
PC2N HR NL: New Payroll Menu
PC2R HR-SG: Payroll Menu: Annual
PC2S Menu for HR Payroll Annual Sweden
PC2T HR Payroll Menu for CzechRepublic
PC2U New Payroll Menu
PC2W New Payroll Menu
PC32 Payroll Menu: Mexico
PC34 Payroll Menu for Indonesia
PC3A Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC3B Other periods
PC3C Menu for RP Payroll Other per Switz.
PC3D Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC3E Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC3F Payroll Menu (F): Other periods
PC3G HR Menu: Payroll for Great Britain
PC3J HR menu : Payroll for Japan
PC3K Payroll Menu: Other Periods (CA)
PC3M Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC3N Payroll Menu: Other Periods (NL)
PC3Q Pay Scale Reclassification Australia
PC3R Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC3S Menu for RP Payroll Other per Sweden
PC3T HR Payroll Menu for CzechRepublic
PC3U Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC3W Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PC4A New Payroll Menu
PC4B Independent Period
PC4C Menu for RP Payroll Other Switz.
PC4D New Payroll Menu
PC4E New Payroll Menu
PC4F Payroll Menu (F): Period-unrelated
PC4G HR Menu: Payroll for Great Britain
PC4J HR menu : Payroll for Japan
PC4K New Payroll Menu (Canada)
PC4N HR NL: New Payroll Menu
PC4Q Pay Scale Increase Australia
PC4R Payroll menue: Period-Independent
PC4S Menu for RP Payroll Other Sweden
PC4T HR Payroll Menu for CzechRepublic
PC4U New Payroll Menu
PC4W New Payroll Menu
PC5J HR payroll menu (Japan) - SYOYO
PC5Q Pay Scale Inc. Extended Australia
PC6J HR payroll menu (Japan) year-end adj
PC7J HR payroll menu (Japan) - retirement
PC8J HR payroll menu Social Insurance JP
PC99 International Payroll Menu
PCC0 Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.
PCP0 Post accounting data
PDA1 List of part-time work for pensioner
PDA2 Construct transaction data list
PDB1 Release Info 2.1A - Statements
PDB2 Releaseinfo 2.2A Statements
PDF0 Convert form for remun.statement
PDF2 Form table CY 94/95
PDF7 Delete form in customer client
PDF8 Copy form from SAP client
PDF9 Copy forms within customer client
PDI1 Copy Wage Types from Standard Client
PDJ1 HR Change of Year 93/94 (D)
PDJ2 HR Fiscal year change 94/95 D Suppl.
PDJ3 Bill of materials 3.0C
PDJ6 Evaluation/statistic object list
PDJ7 AV96/97 Continued Pay
PDJ8 Part-time work by pensioners
PDK1 Copy W.Types from Standard Clients
PDLK HR D(G4) Form Tables f. PayrollAcct
PDP0 Table entries for loans
PDS1 Health insurance funds
PDSD Object list DynMa├čn tax D
PDVA Copy VAG Wage Types for IT 0093
PE00 Starts Transactions PE01,PE02,PE03
PE01 HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas
PE02 HR: Maintain Calculation Rules
PE03 HR: Features
PE04 Creating Functions and Operations
PE51 HR form editor
PEPM Profile Matchup
PEPP Profiles
PF01 Test transact.
PF02 Cust. test of value-based IM
PF05 Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECT
PFAC Maintain standard role
PFAL HR ALE: Distr. infotypes completely
PFCG Activity Group Maintenance
PFCP Copy Workflow Tasks
PFCT Task Catalog
PFCU Task Customizing
PFOM Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFOS Display Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFSE Start PFS from R/3 System
PFSO User's Organizational Environment
PFT Maintain Customer Task
PFTC General Task Maintenance
PFTR Standard Task for Transaction
PFTS Standard Task
PFUD User Master Data Reconciliation
PFWF Maintain Workflow Task (customer)
PFWS Maintain workflow template
PGOM Graphical Structure Maintenance
PI30 PP-PI Options for Release 3.0
PI50 Transfer selected R/2 orders
PI51 Transfer current R/2 orders
PI60 Transfer confirmations to R/2
PID1 HR-ID: Payroll Menu per periods
PID2 HR-ID: Payroll Menu: Annual
PID3 Payroll Menu: Other Periods
PID4 Payroll menue: Period-Independent
PIMN Human resources information system
PK00 Kanban
PK01 Create control cycle
PK02 Change control cycle
PK03 Display control cycle
PK99 Function Access via Transaction
PKBC Chnge Container Status with Bar Code
PKC1 Process cost controlling
PKG1 Copy entries for garnishment CA
PKW1 Kanban board WWW
PM00 Menu for HR Reports
PM01 Enhance Infotypes
PM03 Maintain Number Range Features
PM10 Statements Selection
PM11 Statements - Single Data Entry
PM12 Statements - Fast Data Entry
PM13 Statements - Print
PMAR Change plan for appropriation req.
PO01 Maintain Work Center
PO02 Maintain Training Program
PO03 Maintain Job
PO04 Maintain Business Event Type
PO05 Maintain Business Event
PO06 Maintain Location
PO07 Maintain Resource
PO08 Maintain External Person
PO09 Maintain Business Event Group
PO10 Maintain Organizational Unit
PO11 Maintain Qualification
PO12 Maintain Resource Type
PO13 Maintain Position
PO14 Maintain Task
PO15 Maintain Company
PO16 Maintain Services
PO17 Maintain Requirements Profile
PO18 Maintain Resource Room
PO19 Maintain External Instructor
POI1 Start Download of Master Data
POIL View Received Data Log
POIM Start Download of Master Data
POIT Start Download of Transaction Data
POIU Start Receiving Changes to Data
POTB Parameters for OTB
PP01 Maintain Plan Data (menu-guided)
PP02 Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03 Maintain Plan Data (Action-Guided)
PP05 Number Ranges
PP06 Number Range Maintenance: HRADATA
PP07 Tasks/Descriptions
PP20 Career and Succession Planning
PP23 PD Cost Planning: Reset Password
PP26 Plan Scenario Administration
PP27 Release of plan scenarios for CO
PP28 PersCostPl: New Scenario
PP29 PersCostPl: Resumption
PP2B PD CostPl.: Plan Basic Pay Direct
PP2D PD CostPl1: Delete Payroll Results
PP2P PD CPl: Plan Payroll Results Direct
PP30 SAP Room Reservations Planning
PP31 SAP Room Reservations Planning: Data
PP32 SAP Room Reservations: Services
PP40 Correspondence
PP61 Shift Planning
PP62 Shift Planning: Requirements Menu
PP63 Requirements Processing
PP64 Choose Plan Version
PP65 Edit an Entry Object
PP66 Shift Planning: Entry Profile
PP68 Shift Planning: Current Settings
PP69 Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP6A Personal Shift Plan
PP6B Attendance List
PP70 Organizational Management
PP72 Shift Planning
PP74 Personnel Cost Planning
PP75 Assessment
PP7S Organizational Management
PP90 Set Up Organization
PPCI Copy Infotype
PPCO Initial Screen: Organizational Plan
PPCP Career Planning
PPCT Task Catalog



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