Maintenance Views

Maintenance views are used to view and/or modifi tables. A tranaction code can be generated for the maintenance view.

Usefull transactioncodes:

Follow these steps to create a maintenance view and generate a transaction code for it:

Create view in SE11

Create maintenance screens

Goto transaction SE55 Generate Table Maintenance Dialog: Geneartin Environment

Type in Table/View name, Authorization Group, the name of the function module for the screen code. Select one or 2 step screen maintenance:


Create tranaction code to call the view

Goto transaction SE93 and craete a new transaction. Select transaction type Tranaaction with parameters

In the transaction select transaction SM30 Maintain Table Views and insert the paramerts UPDATE and VIEWNAME in the default values part. Note that the value for VIEWNAME should be the name of the maintenance view created above. The value of UPDATE shoul be X.














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