Business Transaction Events

  1. What is a BTE
  2. How does it work
  3. How to find a BTE
  4. Implementing a BTE

What is a BTE

There are 2 types of BTE:

How does it work

The BTE is a functionmodule (Implemented by the customer)  that has a standard interface defined by SAP. The BTE is called by the SAP standard program by a call to function OPEN_FI_PERFORM_<BTE-number> or OUTBOUND_CALL_<BTE-number>.  This function chekcs if there are any active BTEs according to customizing.

How to find a BTE

Implementing a BTE


We want to implement BTE 00001030. Locate it in trsnaction FIBF

Press button Sample function module . Copy function module in SE37 (First create a new function group for the function module)

Edit the code in the new function module

Go back to transaction FIBF - Menu Settings->Products->Of a customer and create a new product whicj identifies the new product
Remember to mark the Active field.


Go back to FIBF menu Settings->P/S function modules->of a customer -  Create an entry that links the BTE and Product with the new function module 

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