Change pointers for a custom message type

Scenario: We want to crerate a custom message type for idoc type MATMAS03, activate change pointers for the message type and use a distribution model to filter and distribute the idoc.

1. WE81 Create new message type  ZMATMAS_SIMATIC

2. WE82 make connection between IDOC type MATMAS03 and message type  ZMATMAS_SIMATIC

3. BD59 Create the field that we will use to filter the idoc in the distribution model    

We will use plant (WERKS) and material type (MTKLAS)  to filter the idocs:

Note: You can take a look at the standard message type MATMAS to find ALE object type and Segm. type

4. BD64 Create distribution model.

Press button Create model view to create a new distrbution model 

Press select the new model and press button Add message type to add the new message type and the sender and receiver systems

Your distribution model should now look like this

Under the message type ZMATMAS_SIMATIC choose the filter and add the fields from step 3 and the filter cirterias.
We only want to distribute IDOC where plant = 1002 and material type is HALB or ROH.

You are now finished with the distribution model

5. BD60 To be able to use changepointers for the new message type, it must have a reference to the original message type MATMAS. You make this referecne in BD60.

6. BD52 In this transaction you set up the fields that triggers a change. Note that it is not possible to copy the fields from and existing message type (For example from MATMAS). However, you can use an existing message type in BD52 to find out  Object and table name for the fields.

In the example below we only wants to trigger a change pointer when the material text changes.

7. You should now be ready to test that the change pointer works for the new transaction.

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