Define and setup for user developed IDOC



  1. Define segments: WE31
  2. Create new basic idoc type: WE30
  3. Create message type: WE81
  4. Link message type to IDOC basis type: WE82
  5. Create RDC destination: SM59
  6. Create logical system: SALE
  7. Create port: WE21
  8. Create partner profile: WE20
  9. Set up distribution model (If necessary): BD64


1. WE31: Define segments

Transaction code: WE31

Create segment Z1ACTIV

Own segments should start with Z1..Z2….. instead of E1..E2…..

Segments must be released before they are transported


2. WE30: Create new IDOC

Transaction: WE30

Create new idoc ZHRACT01. The idoc uses segment Z1ACTIV

Note: Same idoc can exist in different versions e.g. ORDERS01, ORDERS02…..
The difference between versions is that tehre are more segments in newer versions.


3. WE81: Create message type

Transaction WE80

Create new message type ZHRACT01


4. WE82: Link message type to IDOC basis type

Link message type ZHRACT01 to idoc baisi type ZHRACT01


5. SM59: Create RDC destination




6. SALE: Create logical system



7. WE21: Create port




8. WE20: Create partner profile





9. BD64: Set up distribution model (If necessary)







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