How to use a filter in a distribution model

You need to do create a filter for plant in BD64 , You can proceed with following transactions to do so ..............

Maintain object type for message type (BD59) Client independentThe ALE objects are used to create links between IDocs and applications objects, to control the serialisation, to filter messages in the customer model and to use listings. For our own message type and IDoc you must maintain object types for the links.

If you want to check the serialisation for the message type, then you must maintain object types for the serialisation. If no serialisation object has been maintained for a given message type, then the serialisation will not be checked for this message type.To add an object type to our message type, follow these next few steps:


We now need to add our new message type to the distribution model.

Configuring the Distribution Model. This task is performed on your ALE reference client.

Manual Configuration (BD64) Client dependent. To manually configure the customer distribution model, read the ALE configuration procedure, and follow these steps:

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