Master data distribution using IDOCs

Transaction codes

Step by Step example

This example demonstrates how to distribute changes to the material master.

Activate change pointers

If not done allready, activate change pointers generally (Transaction BD61) and for the message type ( Transaction BD50 )

ALE configuration in the sender system

These step should be carried out in client 030

Create RFC destination

Go to transaction SM59, select R/3 Connections create RFC destination that points to client 200:

Create port

Go to transaction WE21 and create port for client 200. The port should point to the RFC destination created above

Create partner profile

Go to trsansaction WE20 and create partner profile C46CLNT200. Add outbound message type messsag type MATMAS:


Use receiver port Z000000002 and idoc basic type MATMAS03:


ALE configuration in the receiver system

As in the sender system a RFC destination, port and partner profile should be created in the receiver system cielnt 200. In the partner profile add message type MATMAS:



Set up distribution model

In client C30 set up distribution model to distribute MATMAS idocs to client 200

Go to trsnaction BD64

Create model view My Test

Press the Add message type button and fill out the dialog box:

Your model should now look like this:

Testing the data distrbution














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