Configuring SAP 4.6x Internet mail Gateway


SAP can be configured to send and receive emails from different sources.This section explains how to integrate SAPOffice with an external emailsystem. Your Internet email must be configured and running prior to this.Email from SAP is forwarded to the users external email system..

You can configure inbound and outbound forwarding. Outbound flow forwardsa SAP message (eg: update termination) via UNIX sendmail to the intended recepient. Inbound accepts a message from sendmail and places it in the users SAPOffice inbox. Many companies prefer to configure outbound only.

Configuring outbound forwarding

SAP configuration

1. Create your RFC destination for outbound email using transaction SM59

     RFC Destination        :  SAP_INTERNET_GATEWAY
     Connection Type       :  T
     Description                :  SAP internet mail gateway
     Click on 'Explicit Host'  if you wanton demand gateway dameon invocation.
     Program                    :  /sapmnt/SID/exe/mlunxsnd
     Target Host               :  Enter hostname that runs your central instance.
     Click 'Test Connection' and you should seea successfull message.

2.  Shared Office Settings transaction SO16-> Send -> Settings or
     directly via transaction SCOT- SAPconnect Administation

     Nodes - Create
         Node                            : IMAIL
         Description                   :  SAP internet mail gateway
         RFC Destination           :  SAP_INTERNET_GATEWAY
         Tick                              :  Internet
         Address Area               :  *
         Tick                              :  All formats
         Dev. type                      :  Choose an approciate Printer Device
         Set further addresstype  :  N
         Maximum waiting timefor repeat send attempt procedure : Blank or decide for yourself
         Tick                              :  Node is ready for use

           - DefaultDomain  : <your company domain>.com

           - Conversionrule  : require if your communication device only support one format.
            e.g. if you email system only support the format RAW (ASCII text format)

            Format     To Format      Ranking    Function module
            ALI            RAW                 1             SX_OBJECT_CONVERT_ALI_RAW (convert APAP List)

            Referto note 171698 - SAPconnect: Formats, conversion, device type

UNIX configuration

1 .. cd /sapmnt/SID/exe
2  ..csh
    ..mlsomadm mailgw.ini
     System Name [C11] :
     Client [000] :
     Username  : MAILADM
     Password  : MAILADM
     Language : E
     Load Balancing :
     Hostname  : <hostname>
     System number : <instance_number>
     Gateway hostname: <central_instance_hostname>
     Gateway Service : <instance number>
     Use SAP Router :
     Trace level :
     Sendmail Command [/usr/lib/sendmail -i -f<SENDER_ADDRESS>]:
     Codepage [ISO-8859-1] :
     Trace Level (Outbound) [0] :
     Update file sapmailsid.cfg? [Y]

Testing whether your configuration is successful

1.  Logon to SAP
2.  Execute transaction SO01
3.  Write a message and send it to <your_internet_email_address>
4.  If you don't see the mail in your internet mailbox, go back and review steps 1-12

Schedule the SAP Internet Mail Gateway Jobs to start every 5 minutes
1.  Create
2.  Position your cursor at INT
3.  Click Schedule and supply the date and time
4.  Click Schedule periodically and tick Minutes and type in 5
5.  Click Create and you are done
6.  Click Show Scheduling to check

Problems that you might encounter :-

If you have set up a node in SCOT and it tests out well but recieve the reply.

"Cannot process message in node, parameterscannot be converted".

Make sure the RFC connection is working, and that SapConnect has been installed on the Unix Server or the Microsoft Exchange Server. Originally, I had the same error, and found that nothing had been installed on Unixor Exchange, to support SapConnect.

In SCOT (View -> System Status), your mail remains at the Intransit column.

Check you files (e.g.Sun Solaris /etc/mail/ Try using the sendmail command to send a test file at the Unix level.  You must be able to send mail at theUnix level before you can send mail at the SAP level.

Another way of connecting to the SAPOffice without setting up the SAPconnectis to use the
Microsoft Outlook SAP MAPI Service Provider.

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