Modifying a Line in a Report

You can loop through the lines of a report and modify the contents and formatting of single lines and/or single fields in a line.


data: lineno type i, new_contents(10) type c.

clear lineno.
new_contents = 'Changed'.

*   Count linenumber
    lineno = lineno + 1.

*   Make the line the current line
     read line lineno.

*    Test for end of report                

if sy-subrc ne 0. exit. endif.

*    Change the value of the field itab-zzrevomr in the current line to the value
*    of the variable new_contents    
    modify current line field value itab-zzrevomr from new_contents.

*    Change format of the current line. In this example the firts field in the line is a checkbox,
*    and we want to prevent the user form changing the contents ( Input off )
    modify current line                       
        line format color col_negative intensified on                        

field format markfield input off.     



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