NEW-LINE in Report

 1. ... NO-SCROLLING                                                  
 2. ... SCROLLING                                                     
 Generates a new line during list processing.                         

 Terminates the current list line and moves the cursor to the         
 next list line. If there has been no output (with WRITE or           
 SKIP) since the last NEW-LINE, the NEW-LINE is ignored, i.e. no      
 new line is started.                                                 
 You can also generate a new line with WRITE AT /....                 

 The following key words implicitly generate a new line:              
 NEW-PAGE, CALL SCREEN.                                               
 ... NO-SCROLLING                                                     
 Flags the list line following the line feed as "not movable"         
 (i.e. horizontal scrolling has no effect). This allows you to        

 keep title lines and indented comment lines or areas visible in      


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